Crab Winch

Crab Winches (Manually Operated & Controlled) are Robust in Construction can withstand in heavy stress conditions easy to operate.
Cast IRON GEARS & PINIONS (Machine Cut teeth)


1.1 Side Frame:
Reinforced, rectangular side frame made out of MS Plates, angles, etc. duly welded and fabricated.
1.2 Drum Shaft: M.S. Fabricated / Seamless Tube, Flanges, Welded on the both ends of the barrel.
1.3 Drum Shaft: EN-8 Drum Shaft. Rope Drum Bull Gear fixed with the Drum shaft through locking arrangements & mounted on bushes on the both ends of the shaft.
1.4 Purchase Shaft: Gears, Pinions, Ratchet Wheels, Brake Drum are fixed with shaft through keys and mounted on bushes.

Hold-On-Ratchet & Pawl
Ratchet wheel locked to purchase shaft through keys and Forged Steel Pawl placed on side frame, for suitable engagement and to hold the pay load.

Screw type band Brake with wider Cast Iron Brake Drum and suitable Brake lining for better Brake engagement along with operating hand wheel.
Note: Hand Pressure require on Brake Wheel for Brake engagement - 160 Newton (Maximum)

Efforts Required
On continuous duty-
A person can pull/push 250 Newton
Note: Efforts may slightly vary from winch to winch subject to the efficiency of individual winch.

Cast Steel long operating handle for better & smoother operation

Operational Test - 1.25 times
Static Test - 1.50 times.